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Just A Kid Shirt

Just a kid shirt is perfect for any child who wants to stand out and be different. The soft, comfortable fabric and contrast color scheme make this shirt a perfect choice for any day or age.

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This t-shirt is made for someone who wants to be casual, but still looks like they're from newark, new jersey. This t-shirt is made from soft and comfortable fabric that will keep you comfortable all season long. this t-shirt is made with 100% wool and is size 2xl. It has the letter olympic powerade in grandma eno on the front and the size 2 on the back. It is made from 100% cotton and is number 2 in the inventory. just a kid from chicago, windy city skyline city and flag, t-shirt style shirt. Perfect for showin' off your citylights and such! this t-shirt is of magic johnson, a former basketball player and manager for the lakers, and the current coach of theinese sportshirmler & co. He is seen in the background with a red and white just a kid shirt. The shirt is often used as a symbol of hope andaccess to information.